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Custom-made products



Fiber optic, data patch panels

Crossbar Switch,Tripping Matrix

Front panels

Industriestrasse 6
CH-4562 Biberist

Tel:+41 32 671 13 13
Fax:+41 32 671 13 14

Ghielmetti is your specialist for development and manufacturing
of custom-designed devices for electronic switchgears

We manufacture customized matrix systems for Audio-, Video- and/or Data signals.
Thanks to our longstanding know-how and experiences in many projects
we are able to supply shortly and at a reasonable price devices and equipment,
meeting the equirements of  your system.

Please direct your inquiry to us.
We'll show you the solution on different examples.


Dual Audio Router with power path – GKVE 25x25/30x25 R K

The Audio Routing system GKVE 25x25 / 30x25 R K consists of 2 separate matrix boards:
A 25x25 channel 2-pole matrix with power path and a 30x25 channel matrix.


Multimedia multichannel router – GKVE 12x28 R7/10K

12 input channels batch to 28 output channels batch, bidirectional
Each channel batch with 7 Audio channels (analog/AES)
10 Data channels per link (optionally with 4 Video channels, analog or SDI)





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