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Ghielmetti Team

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Industriestrasse 6
CH-4562 Biberist

Tel:+41 32 671 13 13
Fax:+41 32 671 13 14



f.l.t.r. Franz Ghielmetti,
Emil Zbinden, Mrs. Ghielmetti
Guest, and Mrs. Zbinden

Documentation  1912

Time Switch 1912 Documentation  1924 Time Switch 1930


1912 Set up of the company, GHIELMETTI & Cie in Bern by Franz Ghielmetti and Emil Zbinden.
        Production of Time Switches.
1924 Set up of GHIELMETTI & Cie in Solothurn, at Wassergasse 2 (later on Biberiststrasse 24)
        Production of Time Switches, Remote Switches and Timer etc.
1936 Commutation of the Company into a Corporation à GHIELMETTI AG
1937 First time application of cam switch principle on hand switches
1952 Opening of a sales office in Paris
1954 Entry in electronics with manufacturing of cold cathode tubes in time switches
1966 Start of development of matrix boards
1969 The Data Modul GDM comes into the market
1970 Start of development and manufacturing of paper tape reader/writers
1971 Construction of the new factory in Biberist
1987 Development and Presentation of new products: coaxial cross bar for matrix switching
        of analog and digital signals.
        Single switching modul for cable management, floppy-disk-stations for mobile data handling.
1993 Development of High Performance – Product range Audio Patch Panels and Marix Boards.
1996 Realisation of complete Audio Installations (Boradcast, Radio/TV, Concert halles, theatres etc.) 
        Development of Monitoring and Corrective System for radio stations 
1999 Development of modular connecting series MODULINE
2000 Development of Audio Monitoring Systems, 3rd Generation
2001 Development of Cable Measuring System
2003 Development of electronic routers for transmitting Data and Audio Signals
2004 Development of a new Multimedia connector type MICROLINE
2005 Development of Generator Protection Systems and Tripping Matrix Boards for power plants
2006 Development of a world novelty, the Compact Patch Panel CSF Light, with backlighted front panel
2007 Development of the new Monitoring Routing and Control Systems Series as well as GMOS 2100 software
        for controlling electronic Ghielmetti Routers.
2008 Presentation of electronic tripping matrixes for Generator Protection Systems on Energy Plants
2009 Development of a new test and monitoring system GMS 2100
2010 Developpment of an automatic emergency change over for digital audio signels GCS 1x32 AB a

2014 Development of the new Audio Monitor Systeme GMS 1800
2015 Development of the Audio over IP (AoIP) Monitor System GMS 3132 Dante and presentation at IBC2015
2016 Developpment of a Voice over IP Software (VoIP) to upgrade the ATC/VCS Analyzer GFPE 2010 VoIP
        with a measurement software to test and recognize quality of the voice communication
        in air trafic voice communication systems VCS
2017 Development of e new Enhanced Tripping Matrix GESM 12x8 TFT
as a security and monitoring device
in protection systems in power generation plants.

2018 Bernard Wasem takes over the Company as Company Successor


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